Pidgeon Repelling


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An important problem in the urban environment is pigeons (Columba livia). Their adaptability, the lack of natural enemies and the ease of finding food and home have brought about a significant increase in their population.

The presence of pigeons, particularly in large numbers, causes significant problems, such as:

  • Their feces cause aesthetic degradation and destruction of the surfaces they cover. From discoloration of car paint to erosion and staining on marble and other surfaces.
  • Pathogenic microorganisms develop in the feces. When contaminated feces are dried and grounded, they become dust circulating in the air, thus transferring viruses and bacteria. They cause serious health problems such as allergies, encephalitis, etc.
  • Their movement between vehicles can cause accidents, especially in motorbikes.
  • They spread harmful organisms
  • With their nesting parasites such as mites, fleas, lice, etc. leave their bodies and enter our homes through openings.
  • Quite often such a problem occurs with the mite.

It usually has a white or grayish color and becomes darker or red when fed with blood. It is smaller than the head of the pin is shown in large populations and moves relatively quickly. We can see it on all internal surfaces or objects (especially in the dark-colored) near openings that have pigeons nested on the outside. It is responsible for stinging even in humans, and is a carrier of diseases such as salmonellosis, flu, spirocheting.

To tackle the mites, the pigeons are removed and the area disinfected, spraying with a specialized biocide.


We do on-the-spot check of your problem and after we assess the situation, we undertake:

Cleaning the space from their dirt, disinfecting-sanitizing the space, installing a repellent system.

To remove pigeons (killing or trapping is prohibited), the following systems are available:

  • Spike systems
  • Placing specialized wire
  • Netting for a discreet and permanent solution
  • Optical bird repellent in gel form(disputed efficiency)
  • Repelling bioacoustic systems (high cost, large units, eg airports)


As a company experience with pigeon control we give the following evaluation of our repelling systems:

Spikes: They are offered to cover small openings or to prevent birds from sitting on horizontal surfaces, of limited width. e.g. outdoor A/C units, headlights, small roofs, roof tiles, horizontal beams, etc.

They are distinguished by their construction material, in:

  • Entirely of polycarbonate
  • Entirely metallic, usually stainless
  • Polycarbonate & metal “nails”, stainless steel

They are distinguished according to their width, from 8-18cm and length per piece: 0,33μ, 0,5μ & 1μ.

We provide most types of spikes at LOW PRICES.

Netting: used to exclude areas, small or large, eg balconies, entrances or lighting panels, photovoltaic panels in a tile roof, etc.

The net is made of polyethylene, has a mesh of either 5x5cm for pigeons or 1,9×1,9cm tfor starlings. Its durability can reach or exceed 10 years.

It is stabilized and stretched on circumferential wire rope.

Our Company, having faced hundred cases, considers the net to be the most effective means of dealing with pigeon control. In addition to specialized cases of spikes, the net provides solutions in small and large spaces and is widely used abroad (eg in the Vatican, as we mention in our article).

Our Company has developed the use of netting as a means of repelling, removing birds in order to solve the problems and also please your needs:

  • do you want color: sand, white or black?
  • do you want up to the railing or up to the floor?
  • do you want inside the awning or out?
  • do you want to move it?
  • do you want to open it?
  • do you want the standard product, with flexible sizes? NEW
  • do you want to put it yourself?
  • do you want to cover your balcony, the skylight or the whole building?
  • Do you want it installed at ground floor or the 13th floor?

These and whatever else you want, we can do it

because we want, because we can.

Wire: a very thin cable wrapped with plastic coating, stretches on special bases that prevents birds from sitting on handrails or other protrusions.

Its use provides discreet protection with regard to pin positioning and security against the risk of falling onto the pins.

Optical gel repellent: Despite what you can hear about effectiveness, our own tests have not produced the expected results.

Bioacoustic systems: they apply to large units, e.g. airports, industrial facilities, etc.

We believe that spike, netting and wire systems are the most serious and safer solutions for removing pigeons from your space.

Before the repellent is installed, it is necessary to clean the area, from faeces and sludge materials and even disinfect or disinfestate.

We undertake the cleaning, disinfection and installation of repellents,

providing an INTEGRATED PACK.